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Jimmy Lim (or J LYM) is a singer, songwriter, and music producer in Boston, MA. His music is a dark cinematic blend of electronic and acoustic found sounds.


Currently an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music Boston, he actively performs his original music and engineer sessions for other artists around the Northeast.

Past Releases

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Nov 10 2023

"The artist [J Lym] creates an enigmatic aura in the sonic landscape that hypnotizes anyone and lures them to the folds of the song."

- Illustrate Magazine, NY

"With Empty, J has created a slow-burning electronic track with a darker edge and sprinkled into the soundscape are those evocative found sounds."

- Fame Magazine, UK

"From the first seconds of the title 'Empty', we are as if caught up in a melancholic and powerful hymn with a rare groove, taken as if by an intoxicating fever, J Lym's magic operates with finesse."

- ExtraVAFrench, FR

Ride opt 5.png


Sep 15 2023

“Ride” is an audacious musical odyssey that unfolds with a powerful and impactful punch.

-Plastig Mag, UK

"There is something inexplicably addictive about J Lym’s latest single ‘Ride’. A certain eccentric, fragmented, loosely intact and in immediate danger of crumbling." 

“Ride” stands as a testament to J Lym’s ability to channel raw emotion and experience into a musical journey.



Release date: Sep 2 2022

I Know You Know 1440px.jpg

Release date: Aug 27 2021

We Don't Need To Hide ARTWORK.jpg

Release date: May 28 2021

Recent Performances

October 27 2023

October 29 2023

November 15 2023

November 18 2023

December 5 2023

March 13 2024

AES Afterparty at Shapeshifter Lab

Pop Off! Halloween at Rockwood Music Hall

Electronic Production and Design Faculty Showcase at Cafe939

LocaLive Presents at Repair The World Brooklyn

Asian Music Industry Festival

Breaking Sound Boston at Bill's Bar

Past Performances

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